Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This time next week I go on tour with Victims.  We're supporting Municipal Waste in Europe for three and a half weeks.   The shows should be a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to meeting some of my very good friends from around the continent along the way.  The only downside is that there are some killer drives during the tour, but we have a dvd player in the van and Jon has promised me a lesson in the history of Swedish cinema, so I guess the time will be passed watching some classics.

We're also playing some shows of our own on the days Municipal have free.  We're playing with Burial one night in Germany, and we have the honour of playing with Burning the Prospect in Boston, for what will be their final gig.   I'll be keeping the blog updated with a diary from the road, so keep your eyes peeled!

So, one more week of work and then I'm done for a month.  Before we head off, our friends We Live in Trenches are playing Fritz Corner at Debaser, this Saturday.  Don't miss it!

Also, check out the new Shut the Fuck Up recording on the Keep it in the Family blog.  Great, great stuff!

Love, Gareth x