Friday, March 12, 2010


This last week has been a tough one.  That doesn't even come close to describing it actually.  Somebody very close to me passed away last Sunday.

Tommy.  Jen's dad, my father in law.

It wasn't a shock in the very end, we had a couple of days to prepare for the painful eventuality, but as the cliché goes, there really is nothing you can do to prepare for the death of a loved one.  It's been hard.  It is hard.  All I can do is try to be there for my wife and my mother in law Annmari. 

I had though about writing an in depth blog about Tommy, my friend, and what we are going through right now, but it's too personal.  Maybe sometime in the future I'll share some of the great memories I have of the man, how he made me laugh, how he got me drunk and made me sing Swedish drinking songs, how he adopted Liverpool FC as his English team due to his son in law being a fanatic. For now though, those memories are the only comfort I have and they will stay with me and our family.

I know it's the natural order for a parent to go before their children, and it's something most of us will have to go through, but Tommy's sixty four years still feels like short change.

Life will go on but things won't quite be the same without him around.

Tommy, I hope you're now in a place where the snapps is once again flowing, Creedence are on the stereo and Djurgården IF are playing a dreamlike style of football on the box...

Nu tar vi den!  Skål!   

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