Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day Six

Out of the studio and back in to work today. In all honesty, after the long day yesterday it was good with the break today.

Today Jon was taking over from where I left off yesterday. I was hoping that he would be able to hit the ground running once he arrived. We're hoping that we can get all the ground guitar tracks done before the weekend. For that we need to have a working environment today where Jon can at least catch up with me. Which means him putting nine songs down.

I keep in touch with the goings on throughout my twelve hour shift at work.

Our friend Eric Wallace, from the band Black Breath, who we toured the US with last year is supposed to be coming in to town for a few days. We're hoping he's going to have the time to put a guitar solo down on one of the songs. He's a great guitarist and it would be fun to have his touch on one of the songs. Those guys have been on tour in Europe for a few weeks and Eric is coming to Stockholm to hang out for a few days after the tour, before he goes home. Andy and I went to their show a few weeks ago when they played Stockholm with Crude. It was a great night. It was only the two of us though, since Johan was in South America working on tour with Millencolin. Jon had intended to go but ended up boats at a party before the show and had to go home...

I'm disappointed to get a message this morning from Eric, saying he's going to be in town today and tomorrow before leaving on Friday. Typical! I'm working both days and will probably miss him.

I go to work and wait for news of how it's going.

The first six hours of work drag by really slowly, with the temperature outside at -15 degrees I'm guessing most people can't be fucked leaving their warm homes to walk to the bar. But then, as usual, by eight pm. the place starts filling out and the second six hours of work go by a lot quicker.

I speak to Jon around ten-thirty when he's on his way home. He's had a good day and got down nine songs, which means he's level with me. Great news! He tells me Eric came by the studio today and hung out for a while. He didn't get the chance to play any guitar though since shortly after he turns up Jon's amp starts sounding weird and they have to spend some time fixing that. Hopefully he's coming back tomorrow and we'll get him on the record.

I'm really glad that today was a productive day in the studio. Jon tells me things with Linus and Nico are working far more amicably now too, which I'm glad to here. It's funny when I think about the difference between playing in Victims and Speedhorn. With the Victims guys everybody is really supportive of each other and when you're sitting in the studio laying guitar tracks down you constantly get a pat on the back for your efforts. With Speedhorn it was always a complete piss take. It was fun of course, but you got the feeling half the time that the guys in the band were hoping you would fuck up so they could take the piss out of you, even though it's completely against the band's best interests. In a way it worked, since you were always looking to nail that first take, just so you could shove it up their arse. With Victims everything is a lot friendlier. I guess these days we're all a lot older though..

So, good news from Jon and I get back to work. I get out of there at two-thirty and walk to Central Station in the freezing cold of night. Tomorrow I'm going into the studio for an hour or so before I go to work. It would be great to get another couple of tracks done, meaning I can finish the rest during the day on Friday.

The album is starting to come together now.

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