Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Dissident

The time has finally arrived!  Although it feels like an eternity to me, it's actually only been a couple of months since we went into the studio to start recording the new record... Mastering was finished last week by the gentleman that is Magnus Lingberg, who plays in the band Cult of Luna, but also does a pretty great job at mastering and mixing albums at his studio in Stockholm.  Johan and Andy oversaw the process and I'm delighted by how it has turned out.  I've been listening to it constantly since Johan sent me the link to the finished article.

And now, as of today, my good friend Richey Beckett has completed the artwork.  Again, we're all extremely chuffed with it.  Richey has done a fantastic job.  We were already big fans of his work, so to have him onboard has been an honour.

So now all we have to do is wait a little longer....

April 12th. is the official day of release.  Our friends at La Familia, Tankcrimes and Deathwish Inc. are partnering up to put the album out worldwide, on all the formats one could want, vinyl, cd, digital.. I'm considering putting out the cassette version myself since no one else seems to be interested.

Now that the album is finished and the release date is sorted, we're about to start working on the really fun stuff.  Booking shows to promote it.  I'm dying to get back out on tour!!!  As much as anything else, I miss writing the tour diary stuff for this blog.

Soon my friends.  Soon.

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  1. Funny, I'm starting a cassette label with a friend. I'd totally be interested in putting out a Victims tape. Send me an email, we can talk about it if you want. paintitmatt [at] gmail [dot] com