Friday, August 3, 2012

Diagnosis? Bastard!

With Victims being on holiday for the next six months or so, I've finally got around to starting a new band with Bloody Kev. We've been talking about it ever since we decided we were leaving Raging Speedhorn, which coincidentally happened whilst we were stood watching Victims at a show in Göteborg back in 2008. Funny how things work out...

The new band is called Diagnosis? Bastard!. Along with me on guitar and Kev on vocals, Viktor (Nitad/Pig Eyes) is playing drums and Lucas (Avalanche) is on bass. With Viktor being a Swede and Lucas hailing from Brazil, we're hoping we can break into the Best International Act category at all the major music awards next year.

With Kev living in London and the other three being Stockholmites, or honoury Stockholmites at least, we've been busy writing songs instrumentally, in anticpation of Kev flying in to scream over the top of them when ready. We've had one such visit from Kev so far which resulted in one night of full-on practice (the first night), followed by two days of lying about on the floor of the rehearsal space, hungover, talking about practice. The songs are short, fast and simple though, so it went ok anyway.

Kev of course, came up with the band name. It took me a little while to get it out of him, but he eventually told me that he'd come up with it whilst sat at home watching the old tv show Diagnosis, Murder, the one with Dick Van Dyke as the protagonist. At some point the thought struck him, “Dick Van Dyke you big bastard!”, from whence the name Diagnosis? Bastard! came. Classic Kev...

Anyway, we've recorded five songs with our friend Linus at his studio, the same place we recorded the last Victims album. Kev is coming over for another weekend at the end of August to record vocals on those and to rehearse some newer songs I've been writing. So I'm hoping the first DB seven inch will be released by someone who thinks it might be fun to do so, sometime this autumn. We're planning a few shows too. As well as some in Sweden and the UK, we're talking about some squat shows in Spain around November time..

There might just be some more tour diaries this year yet...

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