Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Great Crash

Things have been a little inactive around here recently.. Being a dad is of course taking up a lot of time, and with little sleep and that thing called work, there hasn't been a whole lot of anything left over for writing. Something I intend to fix.

Of course, there hasn't been a whole lot of touring either, so the main ingredient for this blog, the tour diary, has had little in the way of fuel. That will remain the case until I'm finished with paternity leave next year and Polly is in pre-school. To be honest, I can't even imagine being away from her for more than a few days right now...

But there are of course other things to write about, and I will continue to bash out at least one article per month, I do write pretty extensively as you might have noticed, so once a month should suffice for the time being. Any more than that you can consider a bonus..

So, you can imagine my frustration when I finished up writing my last article, a continuation of The Crew series, a whole seven fucking pages worth (that's A4), when during the spell checking stage the hard drive on my not so trusted laptop, died a horrible death. Gone.

Or maybe it's not. My old friend Mole, who I will meet next week in England, is a computer wizard of sorts, and he will attempt to recover my files for me. It's not only my blog stuff, there is my record collection inventory (I know...) as well as a fair few photos of Polly and other delightful things. Hopefully, hopefully, when they're recovered and my computer fixed, I will post the lost article.

One thing is for sure, I will not be attempting to continue to write on this iPad.. It doesn't aid much in the way of flow... Infuriating how often I miss the space bar...

Anyway, we are playing Fuk Reddin' Fest in London this weekend with D?B! There will be a report to follow. Funny, ten years ago we played thee Reading Festival, main stage, with Speedhorn, in front of twenty thousand people. I'm very happy to say that after this weekend I will have fully explored both ends of the spectrum. Funny thing is Gordon Speedhorn is working Reading this weekend with Funeral For A Friend.

Funny that.

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