Thursday, April 22, 2010

Some Victims Love...

I'm sitting on a train, headed in the direction of Arvika.  I'm on my way to Silence Studios to meet up with the rest of the Battle of Santiago guys, and we're going to, at long fucking last, mix our first album.  Excited about getting it done.  But more on that in a short while...

I'm on this train, knackered, after almost exactly nil hours of sleep last night.  I always have a hard time sleeping when I know my alarm is set at an ungodly hour...I much prefer meeting 5am on the way to bed, not on the way from it.  Anyway, I was cheered to notice a sign on the train informing me I can get on the internet for free.  I was cheered even more to see our friend Dave Witte, from Municipal Waste/Discordance Axis/Burnt By the Sun (the list goes on), has went and got his Victims tattoo done.  He told us on tour that he was going to but I wasn't sure he would.  Nice work indeed Mr. Witte!

In response to Dave's Victims love, Jon got himself a Waste tattoo.  I called him Saturday afternoon to find out how it had gone at our friend, Kalle Blom's tattoo studio.  "I'm never getting tattooed again!  You can't imagine the pain!"  He was lying on his sofa, half drunk, trying to numb his agony at the time of telling me this.  He ended up getting three tattoos done that day, all band stuff!  Waste, Nasum and a Manowar tattoo on his shoulder/collar bone, which had been the main offender apparently.  He's got quite a few now but he moans just as much every time he gets a new one.

Anyway, welcome to the club Witte!  We're all very touched at Victims HQ..

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