Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good Coffee/Bad Coffee

Fucking wonderful coffee!

You know that situation where you know someone, but you don't know their name? Like, for example, this guy I kind of know from around Sunbyberg. He used to work at the Elektra Greek restaurant, just down the road from my flat. Me and Jen used to go there now and then and we'd always get talking to him if he was working. And then I'd bump into him in the street and small talk would ensue. Nice guy, haven't got a clue what his name is. And the time for asking each other's names has long passed. It's just too awkward. It's not like after all this time you can just come out and ask, “What's your name, by the way?”. Well, I can't anyway. So instead I find myself going through my inner thesaurus. Mate. Buddy. Man. Mr. etc. etc.


Our Greek friend has since left Elektra and gone and opened his own café in Sumpan, Café Caldo. The wife and I popped in a while ago and were really pleased to find that there is yet another top quality café in Sumpan.

I was out walking Bonzo this afternoon, taking a well earned break from the mountain of laundry that has once again overflowed from it's basket in the wardrobe, and I decided to pop in to my buddy's café for a spot of lunch.

One café latte and a chevré cheese ciabatta later, I'm excitedly trying to get through to Jen on her work phone to tell her about it! She's in a meeting so I text her. For a start, the coffee is fucking great, and at twenty eight kronors a complete bargain, considering what Wayne's Coffee and the like charge you for a cup of black piss. But the ciabatta is to die for. Chevré goat's cheese, fig marmalade, balsamic dressing and a crisp green salad with red peppers. I didn't want it to end, if sex was a sandwich, it would be this bad boy! And to think I almost went for the roast beef. When vegetarian food tastes this good, it makes you ashamed to eat meat. Sorry mum, it's true..

Thank the Lord for café’s like Caldo. Who needs Wayne's? Not I Sir.

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