Saturday, June 5, 2010

Punk Illegal Fest 2010

Next Saturday Victims are playing the Punk Illegal Fest! Really looking forward to it. We play at 16.15 on the main stage, England play their first game of the World Cup at 20.00 and From Ashes Rise are finishing the night off on the main stage at 01.00.  It doesn't get better than that!

I'm looking forward to a few drinks and a merry old time watching From Ashes...catching up with my friends in Palm (who are coming all the way from Osaka to play) as well as hanging out with a bunch of other friends.  I am promising myself that I won't be repeating my appauling display at Hultsfred last year...the night where I drunk like a teenager, went to watch the Sounds, vomited in my fast food before they even started, got put to bed in the van and woke up the next day very, very confused...

Also worth checking out is a great show at Klubb Gås in Stockholm tomorrow.  Bombus and We Live In Trenches.  You'd be a a fool to miss it!

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