Monday, November 29, 2010

Day Three

I only spent a total of about thirty minutes in the studio today. Working in the bar for ten hours at night instead of hanging out with the guys in the studio kind of sucked dick but that's the way it is and you just have to deal with it.

Jon is working Monday to Friday and having to come into the studio after work, so he has some really long days really my situation could be worse. Anyway, I popped by the studio at around two-thirty today to check in on the guys. Ronnie came up to let me in. He's not travelling back to Malmö until five pm. so he's been hanging out for a while today too. He tells me it's been going pretty slowly again, but the last hour things have started picking up.

I head down into the depths of the studio to find Andy and Jon in surprisingly good mood. They've had a pain in the ass morning again, Linus' computer still freezing and causing problems. Andy says the last hour has gone smoothly though and they've nailed three songs. So we're now up to song ten, which is good enough progress.

Linus is pretty fucked off with his computer, but I tell him not to worry about it. I guess it's embarrassing for him but it's just one of those things. I'm getting the feeling that Andy has been venting his frustration pretty loudly this morning. He seems happy enough now though. Andy is getting towards the end of a hard shift this weekend. He's been battering his drums non-stop since Friday the poor bastard. I wouldn't be a drummer. I hope that after tonight he will be done.

I sit in the control room with Ronnie and Linus whilst Jon and Andy go through some takes of a song called In Control. Andy is playing really well and solid whilst Jon is pulling shapes and ripping off guitar solo's.  He's only playing a guide track for fuck sakes!  I think he's been sipping on the wine.  Ronnie and I crack up as we watch him, you just have to love the silly sod.  

It's sounding good though. The drums really do sound huge. I'm happy we've got a really good base for the album in that drum sound. I leave the guys after half an hour, feeling very jealous of Linus whilst he sits there supping on some red wine. It's really cosy in here and I have to go to work, when all I want to do is kick my shoes off, grab a bottle of beer from the fridge and tuck into that bag of Lantchips whilst relaxing on the control room sofa. Instead I have to go open the bar and serve people beer all night.

Johan got called into work today too, the mixing board at the club has fucked up so he has to go deal with it. I call him on my my way to work and he's just heading to the studio. He says that he might come by for a beer later on, I tell him I'll be expecting him.

Around ten pm. Johan shows up at the bar with Jon. Jon looks like he's on his way to getting boats but I pour him a beer anyway. They're both happy. Andy has laid down the drums to all fifteen songs. This is great news since it means tomorrow I can start playing with some guitar sounds and then lay some ground tracks. And it also means we're keeping a good schedule. Nico had also been by and picked up some more files, so he's mixing some stuff at his home studio whilst we're tracking at Linus' place. All is starting to feel like it's flowing now. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.

Johan and Jon hang out for the bar for a bit, drinking some beer and chatting to some of the regulars. Jon is knocking them back pretty quick though and really is starting to look pretty pissed.  He's talking in that intense way, with that intense stare, and every sentence lasts an eternity. He hands me his empty glass and wants me to re-fill it whilst he goes for a piss. I ask Johan if he thinks he'll notice if I serve him low alcohol beer. We both agree he won't notice a fucking thing, so it's low alcohol he gets. He'll thank me tomorrow since he starts work at eight in the morning. Well, he would have thanked me if it wasn't already too late...

After that round they pay up and head off. I've got a couple hours left of work tonight before I can close the bar at one am.

By the time I leave for the night bus home it must be ten degrees below freezing outside, and it's only getting colder this week.  I get a text from my good friend Linus who tells me that it went really well in the studio tonight after the tough morning they had.  I'm glad the atmosphere in the studio is still good after the intense weekend. 

I'm looking forward to going back to the studio tomorrow.  Tomorrow I get to work.

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