Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day Two

So the idea today was to get to the studio for ten am. and get rolling. We'd tracked three songs yesterday, but we decided that now we had a sound we were one hundred percent happy with, we'd start from the top today and get through it.

We're still waiting for Nico to turn up at eleven-thirty. Nico lives right across the road from the studio yet he's one and a half hours late. We eventually decide to just go ahead with Linus at the desk as we need to get moving.

Linus' computer still is feeling so well and even today there were a few glitches, where we'd record a track and the computer would freeze, requiring Linus to turn it off and re-start it. We'd laid down one really good take of a song titled On The Run when this happened. Andy had been struggling a little with the track anyway and then the fucking computer crashes when we get a good take. Andy was not too amused.

Within a couple of hours though, we've got at least two good takes of four tracks. It feels like progress is being made. Just when we're wondering what the fuck happened to Nico, Jon gets a text from him. It reads, “Uppsala, Police, Puke. Explain later.”

Nico arrives about a half hour later, looking pretty fucking rough. He tells us that after the Entombed show in Uppsala last night, he got caught smoking a spliff outside the club by some cops. He was pretty boats anyway and didn't do the best job of explaining himself, and so he ended up in the tank until six in the morning. The rest of the guys waited in the van for him, not too amused I guess. So he got to bed at seven am, but not before puking his insides up.

What can you do? We just crack up. The poor bastard looks pretty shaky. The funny thing is, he claims it was the Irish pub food that made him sick. We all take the piss out of him as he sits there muttering to himself, saying he'll have to ring the rest of the Entombed guys and check if they got sick too. Something with the burger didn't sit right with him he says.

Anyway, we play the takes that we've got down for Nico and he's pleased with the drum sound. We try and get another take of On The Run but it's not happening. We decide it's time for lunch. I'm fucking starving and I've decided on another banana and curry pizza, with one of those tasty beers they have up at Verona.

Nico has decided on a new plan. He's going to take the files home later tonight and start getting a rough mix of it together at his place, since he has all his gear there. Tracking with Linus at the studio is going well enough so it's actually a really good idea if Nicko can work parallel with some other stuff, across the road at his flat.

After lunch, we get back on with tracking. Jon is sitting in the control room, keeping a check on tempos whilst myself and Johan are in with Andy playing guide guitars for him. By the end of the day we've got multiple drum takes of five songs, which is a third of the way to the finish line as far as Andy is concerned. He's done well today, even if there have been some drum sticks flying around here and there.

A nice surprise today was a visit from our good friend Ronnie. He's been out touring with Familjen and was in Stockholm for the night, so he comes down to the studio to hang out. We haven't seen much of him since the Municipal Waste tour as he lives in Malmö.  He brings Andy and I copies of a couple of split records his band Pyramido have recently released. We're chuffed with this. Get to hang out with Ronnie ad he comes bearing vinyl.

We wrap the day up with a beer and some chat. Nico has come back to pick up some files. We sit around listening to the new Accept record that Nicko is loving right now. It's great, it sounds like they haven't left 1982, and not in a bad way. They just refuse to do anything else. Nico imagines them talking about the songs as they're writing them, imagining somebody saying to them “Come on guys, it's over, let it go.” Nico is standing behind Jon, playing a guitar along to the riff coming out of the studio speakers, “No, it isn't.”

Quote of the day. I crack up as I finish my beer and head home. I'm working tomorrow so I'm only going to manage to pop by the studio briefly, which sucks, but there isn't much I can do about that. My rent still has to be paid. I'll be back in for another days work on Monday though...

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