Monday, January 17, 2011

Observations of an Innocent By-Stander

I had the pleasure of walking in on a cracking conversation between a real pair of idiots tonight. I love it when I'm in the right place, at the right time.

Jen and I went to the cinema to watch the film about the life of the famous Swedish/Dutch troubador, Cornelis Vreeswijk, made by Amir Chamdin. It's a bit of a big deal here in Sweden and we've been meaning to get around to watching it for a while.  Hank, the singer from Turbonegro, plays the part of Cornelis, so I thought it would be interesting to see how that worked out, if nothing else.

As usual, before going into the screen room, I went to the toilet to avoid any later discomfort during the film. I walk in to find a rather simple looking chap stood by the wash basins, having a conversation with his mate, who is in the cubicle, apparently having a shit. As I stood there taking a piss, they ramble on, completely oblivious to my presence. I was entertained by the following:

Retard Guy – Are you telling me that Texas Longhorn is going to cause us to miss the film?

Cubicle Guy – Nah, it's ok, I'm nearly there. My guts are fucking killing me though.

RG – Haha. You're lucky you didn't have the bean chilli! What did you have anyway?

CG – Er, I had a steak. Ronny had the lamb, I had the beef.

RG – Ah. What size did you have?

CG – 200 gram I think.

RG – That's a pretty poncey steak. The “Ladies” I think they call it.

CG – (plop). Yeah, yeah.

RG – I ate the “Sitting Bull” once.

CG – No way! Fuck off! Did you manage it all?

RG – Yeah, fucking almost killed me though. But I can eat like a bastard though, so I was ok after a while.

CG – Fuck that!

RG – Woah, that fucking stinks! Are you done yet?

I finish up, wash my hands and walk out chuffed, as their conversation continues...

I enjoyed the film for what it was.  Good music.  I thought old Hank did ok too.  Jen had her doubts though...

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