Monday, March 30, 2015

Punk Rock and Coffee Podcast

I've been planning for a while now to invite guests to share their stories with me through the blog, whether that be in the form of me interviewing said guests or said guests writing in themselves.

I've been touring in bands for almost twenty years now and as well as having countless stories of my own to tell from that time, I've also had the pleasure of hearing a vast assortment of others from friends and acquaintances.  I don't know how many times I've sat in a van, in a backroom somewhere, a café or a bar or someone's house and been gobsmacked, horrified or in tears of laughter as someone has recounted a story from their own history in this life we call underground music, and the thought has occurred to me that others should hear these stories.

I've decided that instead of interviewing different people and putting the conversations into words, or indeed asking others to take the time to write the stories themselves, that I'll simply record these conversations and make them available in the form of a podcast.  The idea is that when I'm out travelling with bands on tour, or on holiday somewhere, or indeed simply at home here in Stockholm, to entice different friends and acquaintances with a cup of coffee and a sugary bun of some sort, be it at a café or somewhere else suitably tranquil,  to come and sit with me and retell some of these stories from life on the road, or just share their experiences from a life dedicated to music that belongs in the "underground".

Helping me produce this will be my editor/mixer Gonzo, he who knows how to work recording programs and the like, I've got no fucking clue.  The pen, or in this case, the dicta-phone is my tool.

I decided that the first episode, the first in the spotlight so to say, is yours truly, Gareth Smith.  I was in Corby last year visiting family and my friend Pat McMahon, who is a DJ at the local radio station, asked me along to talk about my life growing up in Corby, my life in Raging Speedorn and what came afterwards.  It's kind of where the whole idea for this podcast was born.  There will hopefully be an array of others to follow, although I don't promise to keep myself to any form of timescale.  Life is busy enough as it is.

Anyway, enough reading, more listening.  Just click on the link in the right hand column and enjoy.

Post script:  The podcast will soon be available in the Apple Podcast Store.  So Gonzo tells me...      

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