Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Diagnosis? Pyramido!

Tomorrow we start our European tour with the devilishly handsome chaps in Pyramido. Well actually, tomorrow we play Kafe 44 in Stockholm with our pals Damaged Head and Massgrav, we pick up the P's in Malmö on the way to Copenhagen on Friday, and from there we hit the highways and byways of mainland Europa! We figured since we're all here we may as well play a hometown show and hopefully get a bit of bunce in for the trip down to Denmark. My friend Erik from school thought it was delightfully charming that the height of our ambitions as far as earning goes was simply to cover the petty money to the next show. Erik listens mainly to Kanye and is only now, through me, beginning to get a grip on what it means to be in a punk band...

Anyway, the van we're renting from the guys at New Direction apparently is so new and advanced that it has plug sockets in it, meaning that the not so new laptop I've lent from Andy Victims (mine died a slow and not so dignified death) will have a power supply, meaning I'll be able to write tour diaries for each show, live from the road! 

See you soon Europe!

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  1. Will be great to finally see D?B! after reading all your stories here. See you in Malmö april 11th!